Monday, 30 January 2017

Flight Tickets to Istanbul

Turkish Airlines ima ponovno akcijo letalskih kart za 102€. Pogoje nakupa si natančno preberite na njihovi spletni strani, tukaj delim samo nekaj osnovnih informacij:

Turkish Airlines new offer - flight tickets for only 102€ for some european destinations, including Ljubljana!

Nakup karte / purchase period: 30.01. - 19.02.2017
Obdobje potovanja / Travel period: 09.02.- 30.04.2017

Več informacij/More info: Here

Monday, 2 January 2017

Coffee & Co. My favourite places in Istanbul.

Turkish coffee is a famous all over the world, however, çay is probably still the most consumed hot drink in Turkey. We could say that Turks cannot survive a day without drinking tea. It forms an important part of daily rituals and Turkish culture. But the coffee culture has been conquering Istanbul lately. 

 Coffee shops have spread around the city and one must not forget the Istanbul Coffee Festival, which is getting bigger every year.

Here are some of my favourite places for enjoying coffee in Istanbul (Islands included):

(If not written, the photos are taken from my Instagram account - Spelayla)

  • The interior I love in the neighbourhood worth exploring: Aziz Cafe & Restaurant Balat
Fener and especially Balat are two old neighbourhoods which are worth exploring. Lately, many new cafes have opened there and they are definitely worth a try. My favourite so far is Aziz cafe. The cafe is located in old building which was previously a pharmacy and Aziz bey was its owner.

Friday, 16 December 2016

From Istanbul to Aleppo with Love

I would like to share with you a video with a beautiful message made by my friends. Please, spread the message. #Aleppo

(P.S.: Subtitles available in many languages.)

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Run, Istanbul, run!

NRC event in August
I am one of those people who never liked running. When I was in primary and high school I even hated it. I hated even the thought of it.  But this mysteriously (yes, I really don't know the reason) changed after I came to Istanbul. I guess I was searching for a new and not very expensive sports activity in the city....and why not running. I mean Istanbul is a perfect city for running...all the traffic and hills and crowds, one could not think of a more appropriate sport to practice in Istanbul. I guess the real turning point for me as participating in the so-called Fun Walk, which is 8 km long walk, the easiest category in the scope of the Istanbul Marathon. When I've crossed the Bosphorus bridge (which is now called the Bridge of the Victims of July the 15th) and when I saw all the runners running, I decided that I really wanted to be the part of it in the following year. 

Thursday, 29 September 2016


Turkish name for autumn is sonbahar, or 'last spring'.  Even though the trees and flowers won't blossom, Istanbul's art scene definitely will. After lazy summer nap, the art scene in Istanbul woke up. October (actually already the last day of September) will kick off with Istanbul Gallery Weekend, followed with Days of opened Studios and will finish with Istanbul Design Biennale... and this are only the main events, since most of the galleries are opening new exhibitions these days. So enjoy the October full of art.

  • ISTANBUL GALLERY WEEKEND (IGW), 30th September - 2nd October
The description of the event on the official page of the Istanbul Gallery Weekend: 
Map of the galleries, participating in the IGW

''The 14 member galleries of the Contemporary Art Galleries Solidarity (ÇSGD) have come together to form "Istanbul Gallery Weekend" (IGW). The inaugural edition of Istanbul Gallery Weekend" will take place from the 30th of September to 2nd of October 2016.

Monday, 25 July 2016

5 Books about Istanbul

This post goes for all the book lovers out there! Here is a short list of books about Istanbul. The list is not a definite since there are many many books written about this city.


Orhan Pamuk: Istanbul: Memories and the City

The obvious, Pamuk's book about Istanbul and his childhood memories. It's one of my favourite books of Pamuk and I would certainly recommend it to you after your visit in Istanbul. You can also read it before, but if you are totally unfamiliar with the Turkish history and Istanbul, it might be a bit difficult to read it. An absolute must for all of you who would like to know how Istanbul looked liked twenty, thirty, forty (...) years ago. Nostalgic descriptions of old Istanbul.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Don't say you haven't heard about it!

The smell of coffee.
The smell of fresh roasted coffee.
A lot of coffee.
Coffee with milk.
Morning coffee.
Afternoon coffee.
Evening coffee.
6th to 9th October coffee.

Yes, it's early, but last year tickets were sold out quickly! For those of you, who missed it and for those of us who enjoyed it - save the date:
6-7-8-9 October 2016, Küçükçiftlik Park, Istanbul

Another coffee festival is just around the corner. You can get more info at their official page. Don't miss it. But, be careful, coffee overdose is a dangerous thing.