Sunday, 17 September 2017

Eurobasket 2017: Green, Green, jumping Green

Today the final match of Eurobasket 2017 will be played between Slovenia and Serbia. It seems that Isnabulites haven't really noticed that they are hosting basketball championship, however, it's a big news in Slovenia. There is no one who hasn't heard about today's match in Slovenia and it will be even more interesting since we are playing against Serbia. (Approximately 2% of inhabitants in Slovenia are Serbs.)

Monday, 28 August 2017

Where to: Turkish Breakfast 💗

Is there a person who doesn't like a typical Turkish breakfast? I've never met anyone like that, quite the opposite, it's the favourite ritual of many foreigners. But the question is: where shall we eat? I've been Turkish breakfasting quite a lot in the past month (yeah, my wallet probably hates the kahvaltı, but my tummy was happily full until the late afternoon). Here are three breakfast ideas for different budgets and tastes.

Obviously, Istanbul offers an infinite offer of Turkish breakfast, depending on your budget and taste, but here are some of my favourite so far. Feel free to recommend your favourite breakfast place in the comment section under the post.

(*I've never been a particular lover of the famous "breakfast street" in Beşiktaş, which is often a choice of many people, that's why I prefer to have my breakfast everywhere else in the town. Or am I missing something? Ok, it's the place where you definitely should go for a very late breakfast and no one will stare at you :D)

*Cheap and with a Bosphorus view:
Çengelköy çay bahçesi is a perfect place, where you can eat whatever you want meanwhile enjoying this awesome Bosphorus view. And by anything, I mean anything you bring. Yes, you can bring your own food, but you need to order drinks. I do recommend you to bring your food (menemen there is not the best). If you are too lazy to prepare breakfast at home, you can buy fresh börek just near the place.

*Classical Turkish breakfast:  Obviously there are many places you can get classical Turkish breakfast. Quality varies, so does prices. I will go with Key Karaköy this time. Why? Nice service, fresh veggies and not too pricey.

*When you are craving a good breakfast, but want something different: I love Balat! I've been in love with this neighbourhood for a while, but just recently I've tried this delicious breakfast. Eggs Benedict, french toast. Fresh ingredients. nicely served and a good coffee after. If you want something else, then Cooklife is your place. (Unfortunately, also prices are a bit higher)

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

World Refugee Day - How can YOU help

A World Refugee Day is observed on June 20th every year since 2001. According to the UN statistics, every 24 minutes people leave everything behind to escape war, persecution or terror. There are approximately 21.3 million refugees in the world. To that number, we have to add about 65 million forcibly displaced people and 10 million stateless people, etc.

World Refugee flow. The interactive graphics click here.

Who is a refugee?

A refugee is someone who fled his or her home and country owing to “a well-founded fear of persecution because of his/her race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion”, according to the United Nations 1951 Refugee Convention. Many refugees are in exile to escape the effects of natural or human-made disasters.

Saturday, 27 May 2017

The Ramadan Challenge (you have to read this one! )

Dear readers,

As many of your know, I've been living and studying in Turkey for a while now. Istanbul is an amazing city which has many things to offer, however it was only in 2016 that this city got its very first volunteer youth community dedicated to social impact. As I volunteer I joined this great community of now almost 300 volunteers in late October 2016.

In the past year, our international community collaborated with community centres and NGOs in Istanbul to design and implement much-needed courses for refugee youth. Our volunteers teach environmental design, Arabic, English, Turkish, computer literacy, coding, and health classes. We work six times a week with over 120 refugee children across these programs.

Our winning team at the Urban Thinkers Summit
During Ramadan we hold free community Iftar dinners accompanied by various social activities in the disadvantaged neighbourhood of Tarlabaşı. Many of the neighbourhood residents are migrants and minorities in Turkey. Last year, we shared one iftar meal a week during Ramadan with more than 250 underprivileged people.

We also organised 2 summits: The Social Impact Summit (December 2016) and Urban Thinkers Summit (April 2017).
We aspire to increase these programs in size, quality and variety. With your support and donations, we will be able to train our volunteers and design better classes and workshops.

Please check and share our video and follow the link to our Ramadan Challenge 2017, where you can donate and support us.

To learn more about our future events and project, follow us on Facebook.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

So you were from Slo....Russia??

Lake bled
This post has nothing to do with Turkey, however when you are living abroad and meet people from all over the world, there is still one question that always pops up: SO WHERE ARE YOU FROM?? SLOVAKIA? So you speak Russian, let me introduce you to my Latvian friend, you are neighbours, right?? Well, sometimes situations like these become even more awkward when your interlocutor tries to convince you that you actually don't know where do you come from. 👌

That is why it is about a high time to write a blog post of my home country. Probably I won't save myself from getting the same "where is Slovenia" and "what is your country famous for" questions again, but at least I will have my answer ready.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Upcoming elections: Perfect for learning some new Turkish words

Easter is approaching and Turks won't be playing crack the egg game (well like they have been playing it until now ;), but rather crack the referendum game. On Sunday, April 16th, 2017, Turkish constitutional referendum will take place. I am not much into the politics and since I am a foreigner I cannot vote either, however, billboards have always been my favourite way to learn some new words. Especially in Istanbul, when one spends many hours stuck in traffic, learning Turkish by reading billboards has proven a very good and funny way for me to learn a few new words or even expressions. And the good thing is that words tend to repeat a lot, so there is no way for you to forget (some) words.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Dear reader

Hey there,

March is here and a new season of scholarship applications is here. I have noticed that many of my followers are curious about the Turkiye Burslari /Turkiye Scholarship applications. I am glad that you found my blog and I hope that my blog posts and aswers/questions will help you deciding to (or not to) apply for a scholarship in Turkey. I hope this will also help you through the applicaiton process.

If you are also Turkiye Burlslari / Turkiye Scholarship applicant, please feel free to comment this blog post and conncect with others. You can comment this post with the country of your origin and the major/level of studies you applied for.

Good luck!
(And lots of patience)