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4 Reasons to Love Ramadan

One more year has passed and Ramadan (Turkish Ramazan) is again here. What is Ramadan? Well, first of all, is the ninth month of the Muslim calendar. Muslims follow the lunar calendar, that is why according to the solar calendar, dates vary every year. So, if we compare it to the solar calendar, the month of Ramadan starts approximately 10 days earlier than the previous year. First day (and the last one) again may vary. Why is that so? In some countries the date of the beginning of Ramadan is set, that is when the previous month finishes, Ramadan will start, meanwhile others would start fasting when they see a moon crescent. Moon is a sign of a new month. So they start observing the sky after the sunset of the 29th day of the month preceding Ramadan (which is the month of Shaban). This is also the reason, why one group of Muslim would finish fasting and start Eid a day before others. In other words, when some are still fasting, others would already feast.


There are also cert…

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